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Oxford is deeply committed to Toronto: our head office is located here, and over half our global employees live here. The future of the city, its economic health, and social well-being are important to us

Oxford Properties Group is the owner, developer and manager of some of the world’s best real estate. For the past 50+ years, Oxford has developed and managed an impressive portfolio of memorable, high quality projects across Canada that support our communities and deliver strong employment and economic growth. To learn more about our story, here.


Exceptional architecture and sculpted design from a globally-renowned architectural team will enhance Toronto’s iconic skyline.

Our goal at Oxford is to connect people to exceptional places. The architectural expression for Union Park will shape the city of the future.

UPW SKyline

The project is a celebration of Toronto. From the south, the two office towers diverge at the top, as does the ‘wrap’ on the south residential tower providing a metaphorical ‘opening’ of the city’s arms to the world while mimicking the trajectory of skyline fireworks. The base of the office towers spread open into a massive winter garden, again, an arms-open welcoming of people through the site.


Uniquely situated adjacent to the CN Tower and Rogers Centre, Union Park is a four-acre site at the heart of Toronto’s dynamic downtown core.

Union Park is located in the heart of Toronto’s vibrant Entertainment District and in close proximity to the John Street Cultural Corridor, surrounded by world-renowned cultural attractions. The neighbourhood is well connected to the city and beyond by foot, bike, boat, and plane.


For more information on the Union Park development,
Download the Project Statistics and Plans package.

The Vision


Our vision is to build upon and complement Toronto’s icons with exceptional, but timeless design. Union Park will deliver the largest mixed-use development in Toronto’s history – contributing office space, community-serving retail, rental residential, public realm improvements, and a large park.

Union Park is proposed to be a 4.3 million square foot landmark development that will deliver approximately:

  • Three acres of green space, in the heart of downtown Toronto, including a two-acre urban park built over the Union rail corridor connecting to the future Rail Deck Park;
  • 3.3 million square feet of office space;
  • Approximately 800 rental residential units, including family-oriented housing; and 200,000 square feet of high quality retail.

This redevelopment will become the best expression of a mixed-use community in Toronto.


Union Park will be a transformative development that will celebrate Toronto’s great diversity, vibrancy, and success.

Our goal at Oxford is to connect people to exceptional places, so we are creating an ambitious project that adds to Toronto’s ongoing evolution as a world-class city to live and work in.

Our big ideas for Union Park include:

  • The overbuild park, a new two-acre urban park to complement the Rail Deck Park
  • New community amenities
  • New jobs and employment opportunities
  • Remarkable architectural design
  • New rental housing for families and young professionals
  • Improved public realm and connections
  • Sustainable design
  • Smart and technologically innovative design

The Community


Union Park will provide a broad range of amenities to meet the needs of a diverse population of residents, workers, and visitors.


Union Park will include 200,000 square feet of retail space to create a vibrant shopping experience. Offerings will include food, beverage, and health, as well as services like grocery stores and pharmacies to address service gaps in the neighbourhood.


Union Park will offer new gathering spaces for the community. New park space will be designed to provide strong visual interest, rich landscaping, and engaging spaces for a diverse community.

New and improved park spaces include:

  • Two-acre overbuild park built over the rail yard, connecting to the future Rail Deck Park;
  • Winter garden (located in between the two office towers); and
  • One-acre, on-site park (Isabella Valancy Crawford).


Toronto is experiencing a shortage of daycare spaces. A study conducted in 2016 found that the demand for licensed daycare spaces outstripped supply by 4,069 spots. Our family-oriented development will include an integrated 8,500 square foot daycare to support growing families in our community and the surrounding neighbourhood.


Union Park will create new jobs and employment space in the heart of the downtown.

Union Park reflects Toronto’s status as a global hub for finance, commerce, innovation, and creativity, supporting a strong employment base and thriving economy.

Our proposal includes 3.3 million square feet gross building area of office space across two towers. The base of the two office towers will feature bright, oversized spaces, drawing talented and innovative minds from across the globe-that’s enough space for 18,000 employees.

Oxford’s Toronto office tenants employ over 50,000 workers which represents 15% of the total workforce in the City of Toronto’s downtown core.


Our proposal includes rental residential housing for Toronto’s growing and diverse downtown population, including families and young professionals.


Union Park will help to meet the demands for rental residential and family-friendly housing in Toronto. We are proposing approximately 800 units across two towers with a mix of 2- and 3-bedroom suites to accommodate families, as well as 1 bedroom and studio units.


  • Approximately 46% of residents rent their homes with almost all new rental demand being met through the secondary rental market (e.g. rented condominiums and secondary suites).
  • They accounted for only 6% of developments from 2011 – 2016 (Toronto Housing Market Analysis, 2019). Purpose-built rental housing provides secure housing options.
  • Toronto has one of the lowest vacancy rates in the country sitting at 1.1% (CMHC, 2018).


  • Between 2011 and 2016, of the 143,000 new dwelling units constructed in Toronto, 80% were greater than 5 storeys.
  • Approximately 10,000 more children and youth live in high-rise buildings than they did in 1996.
  • A recent study conducted by the Ryerson City Building Institute projects that the population in Toronto between the ages of 35 to 44 is expected to increase by over 200,000 by 2026, creating more demand for larger, family-friendly housing.


The park is a momentous city-building initiative that will create a landmark community-gathering space for generations to come.

A key feature of Union Park is an expansive park that will span from Blue Jays Way to the John Street bridge, and connect to the future Rail Deck Park to the west. The two-acre park, designed by award-winning OJB Architects, will aim to deliver much needed green space to downtown Toronto and create opportunities for flexible, programmable community spaces, public art, and installations. Working with the city and adjacent landowners, our aspiration is to create a legacy urban park for Torontonians and visitors to enjoy for decades to come.




Sustainability and energy efficiency are part of Oxford’s core principles.

Union Park will feature progressive design strategies for a sustainable future.


Union Park will support cycling in Toronto through the provision of at-grade bicycle facilities for both residents and office dwellers, including 80 showers.


Union Park will incorporate renewable energy measures, targeting connection to district energy systems, on-site solar, and grey-water re-use.


Union Park is envisioned as a sustainable community and office buildings will be designed to meet or exceed LEED Platinum standards.


Sustainability and energy efficiency are part of Oxford’s core principles. Union Park will feature progressive design strategies for a sustainable future.

Union Park will integrate with the surrounding neighbourhood through a network of public realm and landscape improvements, park space, and a new PATH connection.

Improvements to the public realm and connections will include:

  • A landmark two-acre park connecting the site to the future Rail Deck Park;
  • Enhanced landscaping will frame the site along Blue Jays Way and Front Street;
  • An expansive winter garden, creating permeability through the site;
  • A revitalized Isabella Valancy Crawford park to the east, bordering the Metro Toronto Convention Centre; and
  • A new PATH connection extending to Peter Street, expanding the Financial Core westwards.

The Team


Oxford has selected globally renowned Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects and Adamson Associates for this legacy project.


Founded in 1977, Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects has designed some of the world’s most recognizable buildings and shaped iconic skylines all over the world. Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects create stunning towers that re-think the possibilities for tall-buildings. Their work for public and private clients includes office buildings, hotels, residences, performing arts centers, museums, academic buildings, libraries, research centers, and master plans. Their head office is located New Haven, Connecticut. View their global portfolio here.

International Finance Centre Hong Kong, China

Salesforce Tower San Francisco, USA


Adamson Associates is a Toronto-based architecture firm established in 1934, with offices in New York, Los Angeles, and London. Their portfolio encompasses projects in virtually every market sector. Adamson Associates has won numerous prestigious design awards and has succeeded in winning several international design competitions.

Adamson Associates have created some of the world’s most iconic, globally recognized buildings that have become beloved landmarks. Their founder, Gordon Adamson, is known for his prominent role in creating the Canadian modernist style of architecture. View their global portfolio here.

3 World Trade Center New York City, NY

The Heart Tower New York City, NY


Oxford has selected globally renowned OJB Landscape Architecture for this legacy project.

OJB Landscape Architecture focuses on creating landscapes that shape unique and unforgettable experiences. Their firm combines landscape and architecture to create unique designs that challenge the boundaries of landscape architecture. OJB draws on this interdisciplinary practice to create original and inventive landscapes that consider the context and are highly functional. OJB was founded in 1989 in Houston Texas. Their offices are located in San Diego, Boston, Dallas, and Philadelphia. View their global portfolio here.

Levy Park Houston, TX

Next Steps


We anticipate the following project timeline for the development process:


Oxford is committed to the future of Toronto, to contributing to its economy and status as a world-class city, and to creating a new architectural icon for Toronto.

Oxford is in the early stage of the planning process for Union Park and a development application has not yet been submitted to the City of Toronto. We are committed to engaging the community throughout the planning process.

For more information on the Union Park development,
Download the Project Statistics and Plans package.

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